what we bring to the table

Combined, our staff has worked with 100+ small businesses and counting - ranging from plumbers and interior designers to bikini labels and health food products.  From our interactions with small business owners we've learned two very important things. First, there is very little that is more important to a business owner than their business-baby. Second, it's difficult to translate business visions into concrete reality. With these two things in mind we founded Social Sensei, a Creative Agency focusing first on the profitability and survival of your small business and then, tuning up the business' aesthetic. Here at Social Sensei we aren't just excited to meet you and learn about your business, we are excited and committed in every way to helping you grow through Social Media and E-Commerce. Want to learn more about what you need to succeed? Check out our Platform Pairing Quiz below to see which platform is the best place to get started. If you want a general summary about what each platform can do to provide business growth, keep scrolling down! 



Platforms strongest attribute: Generating sales leads.

Is this necessary for my business? Absolutely! Facebook is essential because it targets such a broad demographic and has many tools aimed at helping small businesses gather information like big corporations do through initiatives like the Facebook Pixel.

What is the least amount I should be posting? Once a day. 

Other platform benefits: Facebook ads are phenomenal, engagement is key for this platform, great for promoting events, helps raise (in particular), local awareness. 



Platforms strongest attribute: Generating brand awareness.

Is this necessary for my business? Absolutely! Instagram targets pre-dominantly millennials and is a great way to see how people will respond to a product or business. If you have mass appeal on Instagram, you know your product is on to something.

What is the least amount I should be posting? Once a day can cover your bases, but really, twice a day is preferred. 

Other platform benefits: Instagram ads are great for engagement and can drive lots of people to key parts of your website. Instagram is great for really broad reaching engagement and for boosting the perception of your brand.

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Platforms strongest attribute: Increasing engagement.

Is this necessary for my business? Depends on your consumer. Pinterest has a very narrow target audience: predominantly women, ages 25-55, interested in food and fashion. If you are in the food or fashion industry, this platform is essential!

What is the least amount I should be posting? Once a day + one re-pin. 

Other platform benefits: Pinterest does have ads, it's a great base of inspiration for a business and can be a powerful resource for internal business branding.