The Power of Social Media

A brief summary

Social Media is becoming a more and more powerful way to reach the masses, especially as the money makers in society transition from predominantly baby boomers to predominantly millennials. This shift is significant because millennials are tapped into a different set of information sources than the previous generation. Moreover, despite generational differences in technology and preference, even baby boomers are hopping on the tech train. What's out: newspapers, local magazines, simple billboards, and coupons. What's in: online news sources, photo-based literature, Social Media, and mobile apps. You only need one thing to succeed in this modern Social Media realm: Social Sensei. We'll bring the creativity, man-hours, design, and expertise to take care of the rest. 

Social Sensei is here to help you choose the right Social Media paths that will lead to the holistic growth of your business, generate tangible sales leads, and help you create a business that you love - for its profits and its beauty.

what to expect

So you hire Social Sensei, pick a package, and await results. Your followers on Instagram increase, your number of likes on your Facebook photos go up. Cool - but so what? What is any of this doing for your bottom line? 

How Social Media Influences Your Business: 

  • Increased followers on any platform guarantees wider-spread business awareness and a larger audience to target going forward. Within Social Media platforms, a larger audience allows for much greater brand awareness. Brand awareness over time results in faster inventory turnover, excitement over new product lines, higher reviews of products, and much more. Outside of Social Media platforms, tools can be installed that link traffic on your Social Media to visits to your website, can show details regarding product preferences, and can fish out product lines that are not working. 
  • Thoroughly established Social Media outlets allow you to use some of the most powerful advertising tools on the market: Social Media Ads. Almost every platform has them and you will be blown away by the results they produce. While brand awareness is EXTREMELY important, it must result in sales. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Ads will 'WOW' you with their ability to target audiences (which we build for you) that are excited and prepared to purchase your products. Forget investing money in small time print ads and easily missed local venues, focus on Social Media ads and watch sales, engagement, and enthusiasm for your products skyrocket. 
  • Beef up your marketing materials. One great side-effect of running popular Social Media platforms is the creation of a broader network of creative individuals and a larger collection of photography and content. Large companies rarely release the same ad campaign twice and you shouldn't either. We want you to start thinking of your business the way Google thinks of theirs (and we think of ours) - you have the potential to be a ginormous success. A properly run Social Media platform is constantly creating and innovating, and the creativity/innovation is not limited to your Social Media platforms. Beautify your business cards, spice up your website, be the talk of your town - beautiful content takes a product from an inventory item to a must-have.
  • This list could go on for quite some time... 


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