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Frequently Asked Questions

What platform should I be using - Instagram or Facebook?

The short answer is: are you targeting a younger audience on Instagram (IG) or older audience on Facebook (FB). We recommend focusing on life stage more so than age, so once we know who you are targeting, we can make a recommendation! Also, are you looking to invest in an ad spend budget? If you are, you'll see some pretty great returns via Facebook. If you aren't, Instagram still grows organically.

Why hire an agency over an individual on staff? 

Our agency provides some key benefits you won't see with an employee. When you join with Social Sensei, the Ninja designing your feed works on a team and so you receive three marketing brains for the price of one. On that note, we usually end up being cheaper, annually, than an employee as well. Better, more creative, and cheaper?? Yep.  

How much content (photography) am I going to need for my social media? 

Social Media and product sales are HIGHLY visual. Fewer people read, let alone read your website top to bottom. As a result, we need to grab potential customers' attentions and convert them quickly, before they leave your website. Depending on how aggressively you want to promote your product, for one month, it is safe to have 30 unique, useable images and go from there. 

Why Shopify??

We are certified Shopify Partners and exclusively build on their platform. If you want headache free inventory management, multiple sales channels (shop-able instagram posts!), and more - go with the experts. Shopify will help turn a stressful, Ecommerce nightmare into a smooth running machine. We'll build it for you and walk you through how to use it. 

What is our number one concern?

HAPPINESS. We do not take that word lightly. We even have a happiness specialist to help accommodate anything you may want. Our biggest goal - we want you to love Social Sensei as much as we'll love you and your business.