• Liz Bohdan

4 Ways to Grow Your Brand Organically

Growing a brand is similar to growing a plant. It starts as a seed, grows roots as it absorbs water and nutrients, then flourishes into a beautiful plant. A brand can’t become a beautiful plant without first developing roots.

That’s where these tips come in. With a solid plan and the right nutrients, your brand will organically grow – are you ready?

Here are the 4 steps to growth:

Step 1: Build a Brand Story

First and foremost, your brand needs a story. Today’s oversaturated market requires that your branding stand out. You’ve got seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Remember, you are one of millions of brands, why should consumers buy from you?

Your company’s story is no longer your brand story. It is about your consumer. The story now needs to be what you add to their life – think human basic needs. How can your brand solve a problem your consumer has, or didn’t know they had? Branding has shifted from “Our handbag business began with our love of fashion” to “Our purses are made to keep you in-style and prepared for anything.” Once you’ve got that, you’re ready for step two.

Step 2: Consistency

Show up daily for your consumer. With billions of active users online, it is easy to get lost in the jumble of advertising. With pesky algorithms and daily changes, the one thing that stays true is consistency. Consumers and (most) social media platforms reward consistency. So, you want growth? This is where it must be organic. Plan ahead. Post on your platforms daily. Humans are creatures of habit and need the repetition of seeing your brand.

Now it wouldn’t be marketing in 2020 if posting daily was all it took. Nope, we aren’t that lucky. There is another layer to consistency. Your brand needs to establish its voice and STICK WITH IT. If your brand is backed by humor, your posts better make your audience LOL. If your brand is targeting a female, millennial audience then you need to make posts relevant to their interests AND keep up with their lingo. This takes lots of practice and planning. Did I mention this wasn’t easy?

Step 3: Authenticity

People want to buy from a brand that feels genuine. It’s important for today’s consumer to feel as though they are buying from a company that cares. Most importantly, people are looking to connect with brands and feel like they can relate. As long as you stay true to your brand and to your target audience, you’ve got this!

Step 4: Engagement

As a social media agency, this is our favorite. You must engage with your audience. Can a plant grow without the interaction of its owner? No, and neither can your brand. Like I said about authenticity, your consumer wants to feel important. Every time you like their photo, respond to their comment, share their picture, or talk to them via DM, you are nurturing that consumer relationship and, hopefully, your sales.

Easy enough, right? We wish.

Most brands do not grow over night and neither do your plants. It’s proven that by following these 4 steps, organic growth is achievable. It takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and flexibility to get to that flourishing plant stage. Luckily, the end result is rewarding.

Just remember, you aren't alone. Whether you hire an agency, build a marketing team, or are juggling this as one, organic growth is achievable – believe in your brand and stay true to its voice.

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